Shabbos Dinners

What to expect

Our hospitality service is an independent initiative in order to enrich Jewish life in Barcelona and to make Jewish visitors feel welcome. We run this initiative literally from our living room. We can accommodate a small number of people every Shabbos night. If we have no spots available for you, we can help you finding alternatives with the local Beis Chabad, which works very hard to offer every Jew in Barcelona a great Shabbos, kosher experience. We are not a caterer or a restaurant. We are happy to serve Jews who want to join a family ambiance for Shabbos while staying in Barcelona, either for vacation, study or business.

How it works

For security reasons, we ask you to fill the form with some personal information. Once received, we will contact you in order to better know you and to arrange the way you can join us. Normally, you can walk home with Boaz after services at the Beis Chabad Barcelona. If not, we can set up an alternative arrangement for you. You do not have to pay in order to come. However, we encourage you to donate through Paypal. Your support helps us to consolidate our personal initiative!